Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the fakes on this site come from?
The fakes on this website are created by some of the most talented image manipulators on the planet. The images are posted publicly to various communities on the internet.

How do you choose which fakes go on the site?
When we are going to add a new celebrity to the site, we first spend a lot of time finding every fake we can of that celebrity. We then sort these images to remove duplicates, and remove the fakes which are not high enough quality to go on the site. While this is a fairly subjective process, there are several things we are looking for in a fake, like the proper color matching, size of the image, proper shadow placement, and the realism of the overall image.
If all these celebrity fakes can be found on the internet, what is the purpose of BCFakes?
BCFakes was created with two goals in mind. The first is to preserve as many high-quality celebrity fakes as possible. If you spend some time on celebrity faking forums, you will find that the links to older fakes are often broken, and the content can no longer be accessed. While it is possible that the fake is still out there somewhere, it will be much harder to find, or may be forever lost. We want to archive as many high-quality celebrity fakes as possible from as many sources as possible so that these works of art can survive. The second reason we exist is to give a convenient place for people to view celebrity fakes. Combing forums for celebrity fakes can be a tedious task, and other image archives out there tend to focus on quantity or quality, we aim to have the perfect combination of both.

Do all the celebrity fakes on BCFakes feature actress head shots from after their 18th birthday?
Yes, we take great measures to ensure that there are no underage fakes on BCFakes. In the unlikely event that you find a fake that you believe we have made a mistake on, please report it to [email protected] and we will investigate it and remove it if necessary.

Can you fake a picture for me?
At this time, we do not create custom fakes.